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Workspace Alternatives

Google Workspace

User your favorite email, calendar, docs and meeting apps for business with your own business domain backed by Rocket Domains' Astronomical Support

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Microsoft 365

Get the world's most popular Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams and cloud apps on your business domain with Rocket Domains' Astronomical Support

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Rocket WorkSpace

Business domain name, secure and fast Planetary DNS, Email hosting, inbox and Spam Control plus website hosting on Rocket Cloud, Planetary CDN, marketing and seo tools, local business listings, Calendable appointment scheduling and more

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@Space Email

Get the world's best work apps with your personal email and a variety of desirable email address options

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Planetary Cloud

Launch your website on Planetary Cloud - leveraging the power of WordPress & Google Cloud

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Planetary CDN

Serve your website from multiple data centers across the planet and get it to load faster for your visitors

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