Make Workspace even more productive with Duet AI 

Duet AI serves as a robust collaborator, coach, brainstorming partner, wellspring of inspiration, and productivity amplifier—all the while guaranteeing data control for both individuals and organizations.

What Duet AI can do

Duet AI can transform how you work by helping you deliver more - faster. Watch the video below to find out what Duet AI can do for you.


Duet AI can help you write customer proposals in Docs. 


Duet AI can help you generate visuals in Slides. 


Due AI can help you draft customer emails in Gmail.


Duet AI can help you create project trackers in Sheets. 

Wanna know more?

Check out answers to the most frequently asked questions about Duet AI
Duet AI is currently available for customers who are using Google Workspace Enterprise plan.
DuetAI can create documents, slides, visual content, reports. DuetAI can also brainstorm ideas, provide summaries, make meeting notes and much more.
Sign up for Google Workspace Enterprise and then contact us to request access to Duet AI.
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