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Business Standard

Google Workspace Business Standard plan offers Email & Work Apps that a growing business needs like: custom email on your domain name with integrated Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs & more. Review the list of features below to see what Starter plan has in store for you or check out Google Workspace Plan Comparison to see each plan's features and select one that meets your business needs.

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Google Workspace Business Standard List of Features

Gmail icon
Email FeaturesStandard
Gmail Business email (Custom Email on your domain)
Free Email Aliases
Phishing & Spam protection (blocks over 99.9% of attacks)
Ad-free experience
Maximum users300

Meetings FeaturesStandard
Video/voice conferencing participants150
Meeting length in hours (max)24
US/international dial-in numbers
Digital whiteboarding
Noise cancellation tech
Polling and Q&A
Breakout rooms
Hand raising
Attendance tracking
In-domain live streaming
Moderation controls (TBA)

Google Drive
Drive/Cloud FeaturesStandard
Secure Cloud storage per user2 TB
Google Drive for Desktop
Support for over 100 file types
Shared Drives for your team
Target audience sharing

Google Chat Team Messaging Logo
Team Messaging FeaturesStandard
Chat Team messaging
Turn history on or off by default
Auto-accept invitations
One-to-one external chat
Advanced chat rooms, Threaded rooms, Guest access

Calendar Scheduling
Google Calendar FeaturesStandard
Shared calendars
Browse/reserve resources & conference rooms

Google Workspace Docs Logo
Google Docs FeaturesStandard
Docs, Sheets, Slides Collaborative Content Creation
Keep Shared Notes
Sites website builder
Forms survey builder
Interoperability with Office files
Easier analysis with Smart Fill,
Cleanup, Answers
Writing assistance with Smart Compose, grammar suggestions, spellings autocorrect
Custom branding
for document & form templates
Connected Sheets

Appsheet Logo - Google-Workspace
Google AppSheet FeaturesStandard
AppSheet Build apps without code

Google Workspace Currents Logo
Google Currents FeaturesStandard
Currents employees engagement

Google Cloud Smart Search Icon
Google Cloud Search FeaturesStandard
Cloud Smart Search1st party data

Google Cloud Security Controls Icon
Workspace Security FeaturesStandard
2-step verification
Group-based policy controls
Advanced Protection Program
Endpoint managementFundamental
Vault - Retain, archive & search data
Secure LDAP
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Cloud Identity Premium
Context-aware access
Security Center
S / MIME encryption
Data regionsFundamental
Access transparency
Assured Controls (includes Access Management)

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Google Workspace Standard Plan